Cameron United Methodist Church
Facilities Use Policy and Agreement

Welcome and Statement of Identity

Welcome to Cameron United Methodist Church! Families and non-profit community groups are invited to use the facilities of Cameron United Methodist Church (CUMC) according to the following guidelines. The congregation of CUMC has provided these facilities as a place for all people to gather to worship God through Jesus Christ and to demonstrate Christian love with fellowship and gathering. This property belongs to the United Methodist Church (UMC) and is entrusted to this congregation for ministry with proper stewardship. Therefore, we do not "rent" out space but make it available to the community whenever possible, understanding that the terms for use outlined in this document will be adhered to completely. The Board of Trustees is responsible for the oversight and use of CUMC property


Individuals and Groups Who May Use the Facilities

In general, the following groups may request to use the facilities of CUMC:

  1. UMC or CUMC organizations, programs, and sponsored groups;
  2. CUMC members hosting private events (anniversaries, etc.);
  3. Non-profit groups for non-fund raising activities;
  4. Other persons and/or groups not described above.

Group 1 is not required to submit a written application for use of the facilities other than sponsored groups (Scouts, etc.). However, scheduling must be coordinated with the church office in order to avoid conflicts. Preference will be given to group 1 when calendar or other scheduling conflicts occur. Groups are required to make application through the church secretary, who will forward the application to the Board of Trustees for consideration.

NOTE: A separate guide regarding the use of CUMC for weddings is available through the church office or on our website at


Guidelines for Use of Building

Any use of classrooms must abide by the Fairfax County Fire Department’s "Policy for Displays and Decorative Material for Schools" ( Please inquire about specifics regarding the use of combustible materials for display or the use of candles on church property.

Our insurance requires no smoking anywhere in the building or within 100 feet of entrance doors.

Compliance with the Social Principles of the United Methodist Church is required; therefore, no alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs are allowed on church property.

 The UMC and Cameron UMC strongly believe that we must do all within our power to keep children safe and avoid circumstances that might contribute to any sort of child abuse. CUMC’s Child Abuse Policy ( addresses these concerns and requires that all events be staffed and conducted in accordance with procedures that ensure child safety. If the event includes children, CUMC will require the Applicant to sign acknowledgements that they have read and will comply with these policies and requirements.

All those using the facilities are asked to show respect for all property, and are expected to leave rooms and spaces as they were found. This includes removing all trash from the area used and placing it in the outside receptacles, returning any supplies to designated storage areas, cleaning up all used spaces, turning out lights, and securing doors and windows.

In order to ensure the safety of all event participants, as well as the security of the CUMC facilities, all doors must be locked at all times. The doors may not be left unlocked or propped open unless always being observed. This policy applies to regular CUMC meetings and rehearsals as well as to special events.


Application and Fee Process

Anyone wishing to use Cameron UMC facilities should contact the church office for an application. Scheduling will also be done through the office. The event must have the approval of the Pastor at that time and/or after the completed Application is received. The Application will include a copy of this Facility Use Policy along with our standard Facility Use Fee Agreement for information purposes. The completed application will be returned to the church office. The office administrator will arrange for a Special Events Coordinator (described below) from Cameron to be assigned to the event and then submit the Application along with any comment by the Pastor to the Trustees for approval consideration. If approved, a copy will be returned to the Applicant with a definite established fee with instructions on payment in order to finalize reservation of the desired date. Any fee for estimated time or use of the facility that does not occur will be reimbursed upon request. Applicant is responsible for any fees for incurred time of facility use that exceeds the initial agreement. If the event is cancelled within 48 hours by the Applicant, a full refund will be made minus a $10 service fee.

There will not be any facility or equipment fee for Groups 1 and 2, but any donations these groups wish to make to express appreciation or to defer expenses will be gratefully accepted.

The Trustees have the authority to waive or alter suggested fees and facility use to tailor them to a specific event.



The CUMC office will maintain a list of members and staff of CUMC who are willing to serve as a Special Events Coordinator (SEC), but others may serve as such on a designated event with Trustee authorization. There must be a SEC for an event. However, this requirement may be waived for Group 2 by the Trustees. For weddings, consideration for this person must first be from the list of Coordinators as defined in the Wedding Guide. The SEC will coordinate the desired activities of the Applicant for use of the Church facilities prior to the event. The SEC will be present at all times during the event for assistance and coordination purposes, to ensure proper use of the equipment and utilities, and to ensure security of the facility. The Trustees will establish a list of items that the SEC or designated member must be aware of and do.


Special Guidelines

The Sanctuary and Garrett Chapel

They are not normally available for the use of outside groups. Examples of exceptions are weddings and other worship services such as the Korean Congregation.


Children’s Play Area and Grounds

Children must be supervised by an adult member of the group using the facility. Care of the equipment and clean up of the area are the responsibility of the Applicant.

If the nursery rooms are utilized, they must be supervised by qualified attendants. Applicant may provide their own nursery attendants (maximum of 15 children per attendant) at own cost but must submit names and age to the office beforehand and meet CUMC requirements for a childcare attendant.


Liability Insurance

All applicants must advise whether they have liability insurance applicable to their event. Any organization using CUMC facilities should provide its own liability insurance against possible claims of injury or damage while on CUMC property. The policy must include CUMC as an insured party. At a minimum, the group using the facilities must read and agree to the liability agreement included in the application.



Although every effort will be made to adhere to any scheduling agreements, the church reserves the right to cancel reservations for use of facilities if they are needed for Cameron’s worship or ministry programs. Any scheduled event will only be cancelled or rescheduled under the most extreme of circumstances and with as much notice as possible.



Any advertisement or promotional material prepared and published by an organization, group, or individual using CUMC facilities shall indicate that the scheduled activity is not sponsored, supported or promoted by CUMC. A copy of all such material shall be provided to the church prior to distribution.



Cameron UMC equipment needed for an event will be enumerated in the application. Equipment, such as tables or chairs, may not be removed from the church premises by any individual or group without approval from the Trustees.



A wedding must be coordinated through the Church Office per the Wedding Guide and subject to this Facility Use Policy.



All funerals will be coordinated through the office of the Minister of Welcome and Witness, or its equivalent, which will follow established guidelines consistent with this Facility Use Policy and Trustee approval.


Outside Participants

If a caterer or other outside group (such as a DJ or similar entertainment) will be used, the Application must identify such and give detailed information on their involvement (such as the size and their requirements). The Applicant is responsible for their participants and any outside group to be aware of this Facility Use Policy and for their actions while on CUMC premises.


General Guidelines for Use of Fellowship Hall or Kitchen

Oversight of the use and cleanliness of the kitchen is the responsibility of the Trustees. However, any individual or group authorized to use it are responsible for knowing beforehand how any desired equipment functions and to leave the area as they found it. The following are minimum requirements when using either the Kitchen or the Fellowship Hall (Skelton Hall):

  1. All set-up of tables and chairs is the responsibility of the requestor.
  2. Appropriate clean-up includes:
  1. Outside caterers may be used, with the payment of an additional fee based on Application information.
  2. Non-member requestors must provide table cloths and reception equipment (punch bowls, silver serving trays, etc.). CUMC members may use church china, glassware, and cooking utensils, which must be cleaned and put away after use.
  3. Windows are not to be opened if the heat or A/C is in operation. The requestor is responsible for closing windows that have been opened.
  4. Lights must be turned off when activity is over.
  5. Outside and kitchen doors must be locked before requestor leaves the facility.



If you have any questions regarding these guidelines, please contact the Chairman of the Trustees through the church office. The church office telephone is (703) 960-9505 or e-mail:

Cameron's Facility Use Application (Microsoft Word document)